2012 Tulane Engineering Forum School of Science and Engineering
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Rick Torres

Mohit Singh

Senior Manager at Entergy Corporation’s Electric Transmission Organization

Rick Torres is a Senior Manager with Entergy Corporation’s Electric Transmission organization. He has an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, and received an MBA from Tulane’s A.B. Freeman School of Business. Rick is a native New Orleanian who has dedicated his 30 year career to developing innovative and practical solutions for the electric and gas utility industry. He has 19 years of progressive leadership experience with diverse organizational disciplines such as transmission lines, performance management , substations, distribution lines, street lighting, natural gas distribution, industrial account management, and project management. As a certified Project Management Professional, he also has a robust record of success in developing and implementing strategic initiatives such as the electric outage customer information system and, most recently, the Ninemile – Napoleon/Derbigny transmission upgrade project. In his free time, Rick loves to spend time with his wife and children watching plenty of professional and youth soccer games and enjoying pastries baked by his youngest daughter.

Presentation Description

New Orleans is a historical city with several of the neighborhoods formed before the introduction of electricity. Much of the electrical infrastructure was located and built in the mid to late 20th century. For Entergy New Orleans, the Michoud Power generation station was built in the 1960s and represents a major source of power for the city. So, what happens when demand for electric power grows aggressively after Hurricane Katrina while the Michoud power plant is near the end of its life cycle and the residents are fatigued with numerous hurricane-related infrastructure projects?  The answer: “the hurricane of all upgrade projects” – a $30 million capital investment to upgrade two 230,000 volt  electric transmission lines through the heart of New Orleans. The project was part of a broad initiative to modernize and renew Entergy’s transmission system designed to position the city for continued economic growth and development.

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