2012 Tulane Engineering Forum School of Science and Engineering
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Mohit Singh

Mohit Singh

Chief Development Officer at Quantumscape

Dr. Mohit Singh is the Chief Development Officer at Quantumscape, a Silicon Valley start-up working to revolutionize energy storage. Quantumscape corp. is Silicon Valley’s biggest energy storage bet to this date, backed by Volkswagen group and some of the most notable Silicon Valley VCs. Prior to Quantumscape, Dr. Singh was the CTO of Seeo, a battery start-up that was acquired by German auto parts maker Bosch in 2015. Dr. Singh cofounded Seeo in 2007, after developing the seminal technology through collaboration between UC Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National lab’s prestigious BATT (Batteries for Advanced Transportation Technologies) program. Prior to founding Seeo, Dr. Singh worked in the area of bio‐plastics at Arkema Inc, a world leader in polymeric materials, and specialty chemicals.

Dr. Singh received his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, and continued on to get his PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, examining self-assembly of soft nano‐materials, and their applications in template syntheses. Dr. Singh has more than 15 years’ experience in energy storage with a strong expertise in solid state electrolytes. Dr. Singh has several international publications, and patents, and is a leading authority in the field of energy storage.

Presentation Description

The need for e-mobility and energy storage is greater than ever. Electric vehicles and energy storage for power grids are crucial in addressing energy efficiency and environmental challenges as the energy consumption around the world takes a sharp upturn, driven mainly by the developing countries. However, the main constraint in achieving greater deployment is the maturity of the battery technology. The performance of these batteries needs to improve, while reducing the cost. The opportunities lie in successful implementation of new battery technologies.

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